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「KATSUYA MOURI」Game × Dance Music ソロプロジェクト「GRATEC MOUR(グラテック ムール)」ストーリー性を大事にし、
2013年からスタートした カプコンの音楽ゲームcrossbeats REV. & CROSS×BEATS に収録。
「Satellite System ft.Diana Chiaki / DREAMIN’ OF YOU feat.コッテル / ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2013, 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 」
2017年Nintendo Switch ぺんぎんくんギラギラWARS収録「DANCE IN THE SUN ©CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD.」
2019年 NAOKI MAEDA(UNLIMITED STUDiO) プロデュースによるリズムアクションゲーム『SEVEN’s CODE』に 「The End Of The
World / GRATEC MOUR」収録。
2020年 2nd album「In This Corner of the World」を発表する。
2018年からはKaym(カイム)/ MGRAW(エムジーロウ)別名義プロジェクトをスタートさせている。
またShintaro Aokiとのユニット「Arts Of Collective(アーツオブコレクティブ)」としても数々の作品を発表。


KATSUYA MOURI “Game × Dance Music solo project “GRATEC MOUR”, which emphasizes storytelling, is a new type of music.
The concept is to make you imagine the images with grandiose sound. The songs that are created without being bound by the genre are unique.
Included in Capcom’s music game crossbeats REV. & CROSS x BEATS, which started in 2013.
Satellite System ft.Diana Chiaki / DREAMIN’ OF YOU feat. Kottel / ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2013, 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Dance in the SUN ©CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. for the 2017 Nintendo Switch Penginkun Gira-Gira WARS
She released her own 1st Album “DISCOVERY” and “DISCOVERY-ANOTHER STORY” in September 2017.
2019 NAOKI MAEDA(UNLIMITED STUDiO) produced the rhythm action game “SEVEN’S CODE” with “The End Of The
Included in “World / GRATEC MOUR”.
2020 2nd album ‘In This Corner of the World’.
In 2018, he started a project under the alias Kaym / MGRAW.
He has also released numerous works with Shintaro Aoki as a unit called “Arts Of Collective”.
Although he is a creator with a variety of expressions, he places a great deal of emphasis on creating works based on his own philosophy.



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