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「KATSUYA MOURI」Design × Music ソロプロジェクトKaym(カイム)。動と静をコンセプトにサウンドデザインを構築。ピアノ、シンセ、民族楽器、バイノーラルレコーディングなどジャンルを超えた様々な音を多用する。細部まで作り込まれたサウンドは実験的でアート性を重要視したエレクトロニカ、アンビエントミュージック。
2020年 8月 1st Album「Rhythmic Movement」
現在活動中の別名義プロジェクト Kaym / MGRAW/ ジー☆エム / Luz de Luz など。ユニットではDaNINKS(ダニンクス) / GRAM /  Arts Of Collectiveでも活動。


KATSUYA MOURI” is a design x music solo project by Kaym. Kaym creates sound design based on the concept of movement and stillness. He uses a variety of sounds that transcend genres such as piano, synth, ethnic instruments and binaural recordings. Electronica and ambient music with an emphasis on experimental and artistic sounds that have been crafted down to the smallest detail.
August 2020: 1st Album “Rhythmic Movement
His current projects under different names include Kaym / MGRAW / G☆M / Luz de Luz. Also active in DaNINKS / GRAM / Arts Of Collective as a unit.
Although the creator shows various expressions, the emphasis is placed on creating works based on a unique philosophy.


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