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Rhythmic Movement_600


「KATSUYA MOURI」Design × Music ソロプロジェクトKaym(カイム)。動と静をコンセプトにサウンドデザインを構築。ピアノ、シンセ、民族楽器、バイノーラルレコーディングなどジャンルを超えた様々な音を多用する。細部まで作り込まれたサウンドは実験的でアート性を重要視したエレクトロニカ、アンビエントミュージック。別名義では「MGRAW(エムジーロウ)」「GRATEC MOUR(グラテックムール)」としても活動。




GRATEC MOUR(グラテックムール)


KATSUYA MOURI” Design × Music Solo project Kaym. The sound design was constructed based on the concept of movement and stillness. He uses a variety of sounds that transcend genres, including piano, synths, ethnic instruments, and binaural recordings. Electronica, ambient music that emphasized the artistry of the sound that was built into every detail is experimental. He is also active as “MGRAW” and “GRATEC MOUR” under other names.
Although he is a creator with a variety of expressions, he places a great deal of emphasis on creating works based on his own philosophy.


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