KATSUYA MOURI” dance music solo project from NNN RECORDS.
The 4th album of “MGRAW” from NNN RECORDS.
Underground Techno, Drum&Bass and House music that leaves a strong impact. 
The album contains 15 tracks, including extended and radio versions.
This album is divided into Eins and Zwei and contains 30 tracks including new songs and remastered versions of popular songs “Limo” and “Bubble Wrap”.

※ This product is a high-resolution sound source (high-quality sound source, Hi-Res) product.

NNN RECORDSから「KATSUYA MOURI」ダンスミュージックソロプロジェクト
「MGRAW(エムジーロウ)」の4th Album。
強烈なインパクトを残すUndergroundなTechno, Drum&Bass,House ミュージック。
本作はEinsとZweiに分かれ、新曲そして人気楽曲「Limo」「Bubble Wrap」のリマスターバージョンを含む合計30曲を収録。



8/18 (wed)  Music Download & Streaming Release

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「KATSUYA MOURI」Club / Dance Music ソロプロジェクト「MGRAW(エムジーロウ)」
2019年3月に1st になるベストアルバム「 RAW 」(2枚組)を発表。
2020年2月に2nd「INNER VISIONS – RAW2 -(2枚組)」を発表。
2020年10月に3rd「RAW3 – SIGNALS -」を発表。
現在活動中の別名義プロジェクト Kaym / MGRAW/ ジー☆エム / Luz de Luz など。ユニットではDaNINKS(ダニンクス) / GRAM / Arts Of Collectiveでも活動。


KATSUYA MOURI” Club / Dance Music Solo Project “MGRAW
The concept of underground House and Techno, which leaves a strong impact, has been released one after another for DJ use.
In March 2019, he will release his best album “RAW” (2 discs), which will become his first.
In February 2020, his 2nd album “INNER VISIONS – RAW2 – (2 discs)” will be released.
The 3rd album “RAW3 – SIGNALS -” was released in October 2020.
(alias project Kaym / MGRAW / G☆M / Luz de Luz and others. Also active in DaNINKS / GRAM / Arts Of Collective as a unit.
Although the creator shows various expressions, the emphasis is placed on creating works based on a unique philosophy.

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